We empower people to access justice. We specialise in supporting and empowering women and children affected by domestic and family violence.

Because of our expertise across different areas and our strong relationships in our community we can direct clients to the services they need. Our domestic and family violence services benefit from the support of our legal service – and vice versa.

Legal support

We can help you with:

  • Free telephone legal advice in most areas of the law
  • Free or reduced-fee* support to prepare legal documents
  • Free or reduced-fee* legal representation for some clients (for example, representing you in court)

* We do not usually charge for our services, as we aim to support those who are financially disadvantaged. Sometimes, depending on your financial situation, we may charge costs like a court fee or the cost of obtaining a report to help you access your rights. The fees we do charge go back into supporting our services.

Domestic and family violence services

We support women and children affected by domestic and family violence with the following services:

  • Our Women’s Domestic Violence Court Advocacy Services empower women to navigate and understand the criminal justice process and access welfare services to meet their immediate needs. They provide threat assessment and safety planning; case coordination (connecting you with other services); information; and court advocacy.
  • Our Staying Home Leaving Violence Service and our Bankstown Domestic Violence Service support women to identify their goals and to achieve them (case management). They also connect women and their children to services they may need (case coordination).
  • Through the Sydney Family Advocacy and Support Service, we support women before and during family law matters. We provide advice, links to the services they need and planning to protect their safety.

Training and community legal education

We provide free educational events to community members to help them better understand their rights and how to access them.

We also provide training and seminars to other community workers and organisations, so they can better assist their own clients.

South West Sydney Legal Centre


Community legal centres operate all across Australia. They are independent, non-government organisations that provide free legal services to people and communities – particularly to people facing economic hardship and discrimination.

Community legal centres provide a safety net to prevent people’s legal problems from escalating. Their support with early legal advice can help protect people from eviction, losing their jobs, criminal charges or prevent family issues from escalating.


Watch the video below to learn about community legal centres and the vital work the sector does with people and communities across Australia.



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