Our values

We worked with our staff to develop a set of shared values that underpin all the work we do. These values guide us to fulfil our vision and purpose.

OUR VISION A future in which there is equality of access to justice, and women and children are free from domestic and family violence.

OUR PURPOSES Providing equitable and accessible legal services to our community and empowering women and children to break the cycle of domestic and family violence.


We value everyone’s individual experiences and perspectives


  • listen to understand
  • are mindful, present and culturally sensitive in all communications
  • strive to learn from the diversity of people’s needs and wants
  • value and recognise people’s contributions
  • use a trauma-informed approach to understanding and communicating
  • consider people’s feelings through our thoughts, actions and words
  • consider the influence of intersectionality on people’s power, disadvantage, privilege and experiences of discrimination; we understand that these experiences come from overlapping and interdependent social categorisations e.g. race, gender, culture, ability and sexuality.


We prioritise physical, psychological and cultural safety


  • create environments where everyone can be heard
  • will work to minimise and ultimately eliminate harm
  • continue to monitor and develop systems that protect confidentiality
  • focus on people’s wellbeing
  • embrace diversity
  • create systems to remove or reduce barriers to communication
  • strive to learn from mistakes and correct them
  • are dependable in our professional relationships; we are ethical, accountable, reliable and trustworthy.


We focus on giving people knowledge, clarity and choice


  • provide clarity about roles and responsibilities
  • remove barriers to enable people to get on with their job
  • give people autonomy and celebrate their achievements
  • take a strengths-based approach to professional development
  • support and encourage each other
  • welcome feedback on how to increase empowerment
  • give tailored advice and information so people can make the right decisions for themselves
  • increase people’s understanding of their rights
  • will support people to express themselves and adjust our communications to suit others’ needs.
Trauma-informed principles
Trauma-informed principles that guide our work with women and children affected by domestic and family violence

A trauma-informed approach

In December 2020, we launched an internal services practice manual for our domestic and family violence teams, which was developed in collaboration with the Blue Knot Foundation.

The aim of the manual is to create a standard way of working that is based on trauma-informed principles: Empowerment, Trustworthiness, Choice, Safety and Collaboration.

The manual is full of practical examples of how staff may manage situations and was developed in consultation with our staff. It guides the work we do and enables us to better support clients.

Do you share our values?

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