Advice & Referral

SWSLC provides a free legal advice and referral service to individuals or groups who live or work in our catchment area across a broad range of legal problem types. Please note, we do not give advice over the internet or by email.

Legal Representation

SWSLC provides legal representation/assistance for individuals who live or work in our catchment area who do not qualify for Legal Aid but who cannot reasonably afford a private lawyer. Depending upon the type of matter, you may be requested to pay a small financial contribution or fees to assist us meet the expenses associated with our assistance.

Whether legal representation/assistance can be supplied and the nature and extent of legal representation/assistance is subject to our available resources and priority ranking for the problem type.

Areas of law SWSLC may be able to assist

Child Support
Family Law
Domestic Violence
Victims Compensation
Complaints involving government agencies
Consumer Complaints
Consumber Debts 
Traffic Offences

Driving Offences
Motor vehicle accidents
Neighbour Disputes
Unfair Dismissal
Enduring Guardianship
Powers of Attorney


Areas of Law SWSLC cannot assist

  • Commercial Law,  Immigration, Conveyancing,  Mortgages & Finance
  • We usually refer to appropriate agencies for matters concerning Tenancy and Credit

We do not assist

To avoid conflicts of interest and restricting services to the most disadvantaged, SWSLC does not assist:

  • Employers in employment related matters.
  • Landlords or Head Tenants in tenancy matters.
  • Male defendants in domestic violence matters where the complainant lives or works in our catchment area or the matter is or may be listed in the Liverpool, Fairfield or Bankstown Local Courts.

FREE telephone advice
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